Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fresh: Bedroom Update

I have been in my home for 5 years now.  The bedroom was basically unchanged, so I thought a little update, a little refresher.  This was the BEFORE:

I added some draperies made from canvas painter's drop cloths (from Lowe's).  I washed them and dried them, so forgive me, they aren't yet ironed. Photos below taken with a Nikon D5100 DSLR in automatic mode.

This is the AFTER:

The chaise in my bedroom is a very comfy place to sit and read, or watch TV, or just relax. The big, waxed pine entertainment center came with me from Florida.  I bought it at Rooms To Go and think that for something like this, it was a great purchase.

I raised the drapery rod up as high as possible to give the 8.5 foot ceiling some visual "height".  I used a dark brown "Aged Coffee" colored rod and clip rings.  I got the rod and rings from  The tortoiseshell shade was from Lowe's too.

Those lithographs on the wall were previously hanging over the nightstand lamps.  They came from a garage sale in Dallas in the early '80's. I decided I wanted mirrors behind the lamps.  I bought this pair for less than $100 for both at HomeGoods!  I like the effect.

I relocated the prints to either side of the window.  

This is a Victorian, faux bamboo sewing box that belonged to my great grandmother.  I use it as an accent table at the entry to the bedroom.

I wish I knew something about these ceramics.  They were in  my grandmother's house for as long as I remember.  They are a granite colored ceramic with these BRIGHT red roses on top.

Milo, fresh from the groomer, almost is invisible on the bed.  My friends say that I got Milo because he was color "neutral".

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