Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Aesthetics: Art.... or Not

I love beautiful things. Art, in particular, sometimes eludes me.  Once in awhile I will see a piece of art that everyone raves about but that I just cannot see why there was such a hubbub!  I have friends with wonderful art collections and I love looking at the different things that bring each one of us enjoyment.

I have a limited edition serigraph given to me years ago as a gift from a friend in San Francisco.  I had it for a couple of years before having it framed.  I love it and it hangs in the dining room of my house today.

The Persian Princess is a hand pulled serigraph from an original created by Alberto Vargas in 1930. The painting appeared on the cover of "Hearst Magazine". It is signed in the serigraph with the trademark-protected "Varga" signature. I like her.

Art.. or not? What ever browns your biscuits can be your "art".

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Design Inside: LIGHTS! .... Camera....er, LIGHTS!

I think that the right lighting can make or break a mood.  Glaring overhead lights are sure to put everyone in the room in an unhealthy "light" and make for a short cocktail party.  I love this subdued lighting in my living room.... soft lights in translucent silk shades atop chunky crystal lamp bases make for a warm, inviting place to be.   Trust me.