Saturday, May 26, 2012

Let's Eat: Perfect Salmon Every Time

I love fresh salmon. In the past I've had challenges making it just right.  But I found the holy grail of roasting a whole side of salmon.  Easy Peasy.

In the past I spent a long time skinning the fillet. No more.  Now I line a heavy half-sheet pan with aluminum foil.  Rest the salmon skin side down.  After cooking, you use a heavy spatula or a fish turner to lift the flesh and the skin sticks to the foil! Easy to dispose and even better, cleanup is ridiculously easy.

I started with a whole fillet of Copper River salmon. Fresh. Nice.  Dried dill (I forgot to buy fresh), minced green onion tops (they have a lot of flavor.)

Thinly sliced lemons and a little roasted garlic grey salt and that's it.  Don't over think it.
Preheat the oven to 425 degrees while you get the salmon ready.  Pop it in for 12 minutes.  NO LONGER.  It comes out just a tiny bit on the rare side, but after you let it sit, covered with a sheet of foil for 10 minutes, it is perfect.  Really. It's idiot proof.

The finished product. It was DELICIOUS.

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