Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bedrooms: Where We Dream

I love my house.  I really love my bedroom.  On the house plans, it is listed as a "Jr. Master Suite" and sits directly over the main floor master.  At only 15' x 21' it is not a huge room, but it accommodates the bed with enough room for a chaise and entertainment center. 

The nightstands hold matching silver "trophy lamps".  Above each are a couple of rare hand colored lithographs depicting the English exploration of China.  I found them years ago at a yard sale and paid not more than $20/ea.  They are framed in very old green gilt frames and original rabbit fur mats! Unique.

This is a tranquil place: A comfortable leather chaise. A big down filled, quilted pillow. A lightweight cashmere throw. A table, a gift from my parents to my grandmother, was built in 1956 and has a tiny drawer  that accommodates two remote controls perfectly.  Underfoot is a "Black Majal"; a hand tied, vegetable dyed wool rug made in Afghanistan in the early '70's.

The pine entertainment center is perfect for an odd assortment of books, family photos, memorabilia and easily accommodates the TV, cable box and DVD player.

The peek into the en suite bathroom.

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