Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fresh Saturday: Purple Hull Peas For The Freezer

I love peas. Almost any kind.  When I was at the Denton Farmer's Market a couple of weeks back, one of the vendors I buy from was taking orders for Purple Hull Peas.  He has a family farm and grows a pretty large variety of things.  I ordered a half bushel of peas and they came in on the 4th!  It was amazing that farmers were in the market on the Fouth of July, but hey, that's their bread and butter and they were mobbed.  I also bought Blueberries which you will see in a subsequent post.

I blanched the peas in rapidly boiling water for 90 seconds.

After boiling, I used a spyder to remove them from the water and drop them into ice water to cool for 2 minutes.

After they were cooled, I bagged and tagged them and went immediately into the freezer.

These are fresh, lovely, tender peas and they will last in the freezer for several months.  I used Ziploc freezer bags, I may opt for a vacuum sealer in the future.  Enjoy!


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