Friday, May 10, 2013

Neutral Friday: New Rooms From Restration Hardware

The cocktail table and sofa are awesome.

Ok. Yeah, I know.  You get the catalogs too.  I love Restoration Hardware's room vignettes.  This time I highlighted the "small spaces".  I feel like I could just move right in.  These are from the latest catalog set - you  remember, that 12# package in the mailbox?  Happy Friday.

It's the symmetry that get's me here.  And the leather sofa.

Leather sofa.... nice.

The chandelier - the tables - that chair.

All of it. All.

The texture here is very cool.  I wonder how comfortable.

Classic. Timeless.


The book shelving. The lighting.  The general feel of it all. Nice.


There is that orb lighting again!

The storage.

The whole room in such a small space but feels so right.

Slowly falling in love with leather furniture.

All.  I wouldn't change a single thing.

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