Sunday, September 2, 2012

Holiday Food: Applewood Smoked Ribs

Smoking ribs and corn on Labor Day 2012

It's becoming a tradition for me to cook something special on the holidays:  New Year's is always a standing rib roast.  Christmas is a turkey... you know. The usual.  Warm weather holidays have increasingly found me smoking ribs, or brisket. today no exception.  RIBS.

Perfect.  Smoke ring, tender, delicious without a sauce.

I started with St. Louis style pork ribs.  I use a simple rub and smoke for 5-6 hours.  Recipe below!

Standing at attention: two racks, split and smoked upright.

2 racks St. Louis style pork ribs split in half


3 TBS  each: garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder, ground cumin, paprika (I use Hot Hungarian smoked paprika), black pepper and sea salt. 
2 TSP ground chipotle pepper (watch this:  smoky and delicious but too much just over whelms the palate)


Split the racks in half.  Pat dry and rub all over with the rub.  I like to let them rest a while (an hour or so is fine) at room temperature.  I use an upright rib rack placed mid-way up in the smoker.  Fire up the smoker - mine is a propane based upright smoker. I use plain water in the water pan, but beer is good too.  I use applewood chips and keep the temp down to no more than 225 degrees.  These ribs went for 5 hours today while I finished the trim in my powder room and did a fwe other chores.  Open only the bottom to replenish the chips in the first two hours.  Over smoking makes a bitter taste. Likewise if you make the chips burn you get a sooty, burned, acrid flavor. Not nice.

These are by no means strict rules.  I just wing it as much as anyone else does and these came our great.  They are going to be paired with some smoked corn on the cob and a sourcream-dill potato salad.  Yep. Not for the faint of heart, but delicious once in awhile.  Enjoy!

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