Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ties: Accessory After The Fact

Yes, I know, ties are considered formal these days.  Yes, we have dressed down for success lately. Yes, we are more comfortable in a suit and an open collar some days.  Yes, it's Summer and it's hotter than blazes.  But I still love ties.  They are part of my "uniform" and I hope they are always an acceptable accessory.  Here are just a few I picked up recently.

Always a staple: dots.

Houndstooth, silk and linen Brioni.

Grey and bronze plaid, silk and linen Brioni.

More dots!  Silk Paul Stuart.

Never had a purple tie before.  Satiny smooth silk Stefano Ricci.

Silk Zegna looks great with a light grey Lutwyche suit.

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