Friday, June 1, 2012

Wearable Art: Sam Hober Ties

I enjoy ties. I know. I know. They aren't required as much anymore for everyday business wear, but I love them.  I have a bunch.  Recently I was turned on to the made to order world of Sam Hober Ties.

There are so many choices. It is daunting. But if you know what you want (I needed Navy Silk Pindot and Green Silk Pindot) then it's easy. They are handmade (and that is obvious), and made to measure, so you tall guys take heart!

Beautifully made. The ties I ordered were really well packaged and sent from the factory in Chiang Mai Thailand.

The first time they came I missed the shipment and the post office didn't leave a notice so they were returned. Imagine my surprise when I got a personal call from Sam!

Great guy. Sent them back and I LOVE these two ties.

The texture, color and quality of these are remarkable. I'll definitely go back to this well when I need more.  You should too.  Give old Sam a try.  

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