Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hotel Love: Omni Hotel Dallas TX

I took this photo at the new Omni Hotel in Dallas on January 19th. Sitting in the lobby restaurant, Texas Spice, having a complimentary lunch from the hotel (my room wasn't ready yet), I looked up and saw the lights and glasses and thought how it might make a nice photo.  I like the way things line up; I like symmetry and this was the perfect chance to try out my new Nikon D5100 DSLR.  I like the reflection in the lower portion of the light bulbs and the way the light works. I think it came out nicely!

This is a view past the bar, looking out at the Dallas skyline.

Electric Mirror - TV behind the glass.

OK, so everyone liked gadgets, right?  The bathroom at the Omni was really nice.  I would kill for the TV behind the mirror in my own bathroom.  Heck, I'd kill for the whole bathroom - it was big and really nicely done.  
The view out of my bedroom Window.

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